Territorial io

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The mechanics of Territorial io

Territorial io is a multiplayer strategy game taking you to a thrilling war between countries. Attack other countries to become the ruler of the world.

Attack other countries and inhabited lands

In this game, you will build your own country and grow it. At the start of the game, you and other players have to position your capital on the world map. Then, you need to click on the Sword button to attack other territories and expand your country. Let's conquer inhabited lands around your territory first. When there is no more inhabited territory, you should change your target to other countries. You must aim at countries of bots first because you can easily defeat them. When you are strong, you can start to conquer the countries of other players on the map. It must be a breathtaking fight because your rivals also want to conquer your country. You must attack smaller countries and then bigger countries.

Besides attacking neighboring countries, you can conquer further countries by boat attack. Click on the Boat button to send large boat attacks. It is also a good way to expand your territory faster.

Defend your country

In addition to an aggressive fighting style, you also apply peaceful ways to protect your country from the attacks of other countries. When many countries surrounding you attack you at the same time, I recommend you click on the collision or the skull symbol emote. These symbols mean that you want to truce. Furthermore, you can click on the Handshake button to send them the cooperation request. Let's organize the official alliance to become more powerful and defeat other countries.

Surrender other countries

Finally, when there is no hope for your country, you can click the human button to show that you want to surrender. As soon as you send the surrendering signal, your territory will be absorbed quickly and you will lose. Actually, I do not recommend you surrender even when you face multiple fronts. Try to fight till the last breath,

Pro strategies to win Territorial io

The war for territory in this game is really fierce, so it is so challenging to get a victory. Therefore, if you just start to play the game, I will suggest some best tactics which will help you become the world dominator.

  • Build your capital in the coastal region.
  • Aim at free lands first and try to conquer as many free lands as possible.
  • Build friendly relationships with countries near you to stop them from attacking you.
  • Attempt to expand your territory and increase your interest faster than your opponents.
  • Save your troops to avoid being weaker than your rivals. For example, if you have 1000 troops while your neighboring countries have 600 troops, 500 troops, and 300 troops, you should attack with 400 troops. Don't attack with 500 troops because this will attract your rivals to attack you.

Information about Territorial io that you should know

The game modes

Single Player Mode

If you just start to play this game, you should choose the Single Player Mode first. This mode allows you to learn the playing rules and train your skills. In this mode, all your enemies are bots. Your objective is to defeat all bots on the world map and become the ruler of the world.

Multiplayer Modes

If you want to struggle with other players from all over the world, choose between 5 multiplayer modes.

  • Battle Royale: This mode requires you to battle with not only other players but also bots to expand your territory. It is a fierce war, so utilize your fighting skill and strategic skill to win..
  • 1v1: In this mode, your enemy is another player and bots. Try to eliminate all bots on the map before entering a thrilling fight against another player.
  • Full Send Disabled: The playing rules of this mode are similar to the Battle Royale mode. However, in this mode, your attack reduces by 80%. Additionally, you are not allowed to attack other countries constantly.
  • Zombie: It is a new mode launched on March 11, 2022. Right after the release date, this mode is considered to be the most challenging game mode because many players claim that they could not live for more than 2 minutes when playing this mode. To make this mode more easy, the developer changed its gameplay a little bit. Specifically, your team can have 20 bots to fight against other zombies on the playing field.
  • Team Game Mode: In this mode, you can play as a team with other players and all members of a team will have the same color. Note that you cannot attack your teammates. Instead, your targets are members of other teams. The team who can conquer the world will win.

Game maps and custom maps

There are 15 game maps in this game. They are White Arena, Black Arena, Island, Mountains, Desert, Swamp, Snow, Cliffs, Pond, Halo, Europe, World, Caucasia, USA 48, and Middle East. You can choose one of them free to play the game. However, you should think carefully to select the most suitable map because each map has a distinct condition and terrain. Make sure that the chosen map suits your playing style.

maps in territorial io

Additionally, you are allowed to create a custom map in this game. To do that, you should prepare an image file. Then, open the map menu. Next, drag this image file and drop it into the game. Then, click the Start button to play the game on your custom map.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who developed Territorial io?

This game was created by David Tschacher who is a German game developer. He released this game in 2020 and updated new game modes and maps for the game constantly.

  1. How do you join a clan in Territorial io?

There are many clans in this game. Click on the Best Team button to see the list of all clans in the game. If you want to join a clan, you need to write the name of this clan in front of your name. Note that the name of the clan must be placed between square brackets. In addition, if you want to get into the list of top clans, you need to get points. Join the alliance contest and try to win in order to get points for the clan. In the alliance contest, if you put the same tag, you will be on the same team. If you are on the same team with another clan, the clan that gained the most territory will become the winner of this contest. Look at the leaderboard to know what the rank of your clan is.

  1. How do you use emotes during the fight?

If you click on the emote button at the bottom left of the screen, the list of emotes will be displayed. After that, during the war, you can open the menu of chosen emotes by clicking on your territory and then the emote icon. The menu of chosen emotes will be displayed and you can select one of them. Besides, you can send emotes to other players privately. Just click on the territory of another player. When the emote icon appears, click on it to see the menu of icons. You can send one of the icons in the menu to another player on the world map. Keep in mind that only this player can see this icon. Although this game has no chatbox, you can send emotes to chat with other players.

  1. How do you increase your interest in the game?

When you conquer more territories and earn more points, your interest income will rise. Besides, you also need to save your troops to get as many bonus payments as possible. Remember that you cannot generate more interest when it reaches 0. It means that your country can be conquered easily by other players. Therefore, try to raise your interest during the war.