Eggy Car

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The adventure in Eggy Car

Join an adventure with a cute egg in Eggy Car now. The egg is sitting on a car, so you must drive this car as far as possible without letting the egg fall off.

The cute egg wants to explore the world. Therefore, it decides to jump in its car and start its adventure. However, the egg wants you to help to drive this car. Your mission is to drive this car to fo the furthest distance and a slow speed. You should not drive at a fast speed because the egg can easily fall off the car and is broken. The adventure will end if the egg is broken. Moreover, the road is super bumpy and has many slopes. If you drive the car too fast, your car will flip. Therefore, you should be careful when driving the car. In addition, another mission is to collect as many coins as possible along the way because these coins can be used to purchase new cars with different designs.

How to control


Use a left arrow key or an A key to use the handbrake.

Use a right arrow key or a D key to accelerate.


Use the buttons on the screen