Idle Breakout

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The rules of Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an exciting idle game featuring hundreds of levels. Destroy as many bricks as possible to earn a lot of money and complete all levels.

Destroy colorful bricks

Like Little Alchemy, this puzzle game also challenges your logical thinking and patience. In this game, your target is the bricks. These bricks are numbered. You must click on the bricks to decrease the number of bricks. When the number reaches zero, the bricks will be destroyed. Your mission is to eliminate all bricks on the playing field to earn as much money as possible. Besides, you also need to buy the balls. These balls will fly around and hit the bricks to destroy them. Try to buy 50 balls to clear the bricks faster. However, because the prices of the balls will increase gradually, you should accumulate as much money as possible to buy them. Here are four kinds of balls in this game

  • Basic Ball: This ball is yellow and can decrease at least 1 point of each brick.
  • Plasma Ball: This ball is pink and reduces at least 2 points of each brick.
  • Sniper Ball: This white ball can decrease at least 5 points of each brick. This ball can identify the positions of bricks and hit them.
  • Scatter Ball: This orange ball can reduce at least 7 points of each brick.
  • Poison Ball: This red ball can reduce at least 5 points of each brick. Its speed is faster than other balls.

Utilize the power-ups

Remember that this game offers five power-ups. However, these power-ups can be used once, so use them wisely. Moreover, the effect of each power-up will disappear after 30 seconds. Here is the list of power-ups in the game and their functions.

  • Cashed Up: This power-up will help to double the money you can earn.
  • Click Frenzy: This power-up helps to spawn the scatter ball.
  • Demon Core: This power-up will create a wave of damage.
  • Snow Ball: This power-up helps to increase the power and speed of all balls.
  • 2X Gold: This helps to boost the value of the gold brick, so you can earn more money.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to destroy the bricks.

All achievements in Idle Breakout

This game features 12 achievements that you need to complete. Here is the list of achievements in this game.

  • Use the basic ball to create 1 million total damage.
  • Use the plasma ball to create 1 million total damage.
  • Use the sniper ball to create 1 million total damage.
  • Use the scatter ball to create 1 million total damage.
  • Use the poison ball to create 1 million total damage.
  • Use all power-ups.
  • Prestige 5 times.
  • Have 10 of each ball.
  • Break 1000 black bricks.
  • Reach level 250.
  • Unlock all 4 lasers