Trap The Cat

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Description of Trap The Cat

What is the Trap The Cat game?

This game is a strategy game that you should not miss. Locking the cat in a cage you created and making it immobile are your goals in this game.

There is a flat platform designed to look like a beehive and a cat in the center of the platform. Dark and light green hexagons combine to form the platform. The cat is trying to escape from this hive-like platform. And you're trying to trap the cat there. So who will be the winner?

Create a cage to keep the cat

You need to create a cage so that the cat cannot escape. The dark green hexagons are where cats can't jump. You will create a circle using these dark green hexagons. Click the light green hexagons to transform them into dark ones. However, the cat is very intelligent. It will turn in different directions where there are many light green hexagons to escape. Each time you convert a hexagon, the cat will jump once. Therefore, think twice before converting any hexagons.

Advice to play the puzzle strategy game

According to the playing experience of many players, you are advised to create a large closed loop that surrounds the first cat. This closed loop will limit the cat's movement. Then you begin to narrow the cat's movement by smaller circles until it can no longer move. That's when you win. In addition, when the cat changes direction, you also need to change the position of the cage. Make flexible and precise decisions to win the game. In addition, the Hole.io game is also one of the interesting games that you should try on our website. Have fun!