Paper.io 2

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Description of Paper.io 2

A land invasion has begun in Paper.io 2! The game is a welcomed multiplayer ultimate conquest game. Are you ready to join this invasion and become the owner of the biggest piece of land?

Expand your land in the game

It can be said that the objective of this game is quite similar to the game Territorial io. In this game, your goal is to expand your land and become the biggest landowner. To complete this mission, you control your character to move around the area. Taking over other players' lands is also a way to expand your land. Here are a few small notes for you when playing this game.

  • You slide the mouse to take control of the character's direction.
  • The character moves will leave a line of the same color. If you navigate the character bumping into that path, the land dissolves and the game is over.
  • Expand your area by conquering other players' areas. However, other online players will also do the same to expand their lands. The advice for you is not to move too far from your area.
  • Occupying small areas to form a large whole is encouraged.

Characters and lands

The characters in this game are designed as a cube with different colors and patterns. No two characters are alike and each player owns a unique character. Your territory will be the same color as your character. As such, it is easy to distinguish your land from the surrounding lands.

A special feature of this game is the character's skin. You can freely change your character's skin to your liking. A variety of different skins with different styles such as simple, cute, and formal are available. They are also completely free. Let's select your liked character.

Some notable information about Paper.io 2

  • This ultimate conquest game now has been updated with extended characters like Christmas, Snowball, Present, and more. However, you need to unlock them to be able to use them.
  • Choose game modes from 5 modes: Paper.io, Paper.io 2, Paper.io 3D, Jump + Agar, and Mini Games. Experience the modes one by one and find your favorite mode. After that, name your character and start the journey to expand the territory.
  • Access Private Server to join the game with friends or share the room link to invite friends to join. Your room link appears in the top right corner of the screen. In addition, this game mode is currently in a Beta state, so it has not been used by many players.
  • At the end of the game, there is a notice board about your score, your best score, time played, and players killed. These numbers will tell you your playing ability.
  • There is a small map at the bottom of the screen in which you will see the area of your territory. If you own the largest land, a crown will appear on your character's head.