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If you are an online game player, surely you will not be able to ignore the game Bloxd.io. This game is a multiplayer game inspired by the classic game Minecraft. The graphics and gameplay of the game have interesting points that we cannot miss.

Description of Bloxd.io

The gameplay

Like the game Territorial io, this is a multiplayer io game. However, the graphics and gameplay of this game are quite similar to the sandbox Minecraft game because it is the inspiration of this game. Play as a citizen in this world and start your journey. Collecting blocks, making friends, building your own house, etc are the things that you have to do. The special feature of this game is that there are no limits or rules on the required task. Therefore, do what you love.

The control of the game

This game will have a control panel for the player. However, you can follow these instructions:

  • Move forward = W/ up arrow
  • Move backward = S/ down arrow
  • Move left = A/ left arrow
  • Move right = D/ right arrow
  • Run = Shift
  • Break Block = Left click
  • Place Block = Right click/ E
  • Open Inventory/ Craft = Tab
  • Drop block = Q
  • Jump = Space
  • Crouch = Control/ C/ CapsLock
  • Pick block = Middle mouse button/ Alt + Left click

Developer and release date

Arthur Baker is the founder and developer of Bloxd.io. He released this game on February 2021. According to some reports, since the day this game was launched, it attracts about 120,000 players per day and this number is on the rise.

What are the interesting features of Bloxd.io?

A variety of game modes

This game is one of the games that offer the most game modes. As of April 2023, it has a total of 11 game modes including Survival, Peaceful, Creative, Bed Wars, Greenville, EvilTower, BloxdHop, DoodleCube, CubeWarfare, OneBlock, and Worlds. Each mode has a different mission and interesting things. Different missions will have different difficulties and challenges. From there, players have different experiences in just one game. Here are some of the most popular game modes.

  • BloxdHop: This mode gives a certain amount of time and requires the player to reach the end of the map within that time. Parkour moves will be used throughout the game.
  • DoodleCube: Based on the given themes, you create objects. Then other players will be your product reviewers.
  • EvilTower: This game mode is based on Roblox's Tower of Hell. An Evil Tower exists in this mode and your mission is to reach the top of the Evil Tower.

Game account and chat box

It's easy to sign up and log into this online game with email. With a game account, you can play on any device and still keep your playing history. In addition, pay attention to the top left corner of the screen. A dialog box where all online players discuss or make friends appears. Don't hesitate to say hello to other players. Wish you have a great time in the game!