Capybara Clicker

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The introduction about Capybara Clicker

Try out the most simple but interesting clicker game named Capybara Clicker. Click on the capybara as many times as possible to raise the capybara population.

When speaking of the hottest clicker game, we should not ignore this game which was developed by Euclides. After being released in November 2022, this game became viral in the gaming community because of its simple mechanics and addictive gameplay. Many players appreciate this game. So, why don't you try playing this game now? The developer updated many new features on March 28, 2023. Moreover, like Little Alchemy, it can be played on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

Engaging gameplay of Capybara Clicker

Increase the capybara population

Actually, the gameplay of this game is fairly similar to Cookie Clicker City. In this game, you need to build a capybara empire. To meet this goal, you must click on the yellow capybara at the center of the screen to multiply the capybara population. Look at the power bar at the bottom left of the screen. If it is full, you can create two capybaras whenever you click. Moreover, sometimes, the golden capybaras will appear and move from the left to right. Be quick to click on these golden capybaras before they disappear. You will get 26 capybaras after clicking on the golden capybaras. Moreover, you can use the capybaras to unlock new boosters. There are 10 boosters in this game. Here is the list of boosters you can unlock.

  • Cursor: You must buy this to click the game.
  • Auto Click: This booster will help you create a capybara when you are offline.
  • Mr Clicker: You must use 500 capybaras to buy this booster. It will help you increase the number of capybaras you can create.
  • Capybara Farm: This booster will assist in increasing the 10 capybaras that you can create.
  • President Clicker: You must use 12,000 capybaras to exchange with this booster which can increase by 100 capybaras whenever you click.
  • Capybara Pump: This booster will help to raise 200 capybaras that you can create.
  • King Clicker: You can buy this booster to increase the 1000 capybaras that you can create.
  • Capybara Factory: Let's use 315,000 Capybaras to unlock this booster. It will help to increase by 5000 capybaras whenever you click.
  • Emperor Clicker: This booster will help to increase by 9000 capybaras whenever you click.
  • Capybara: You can use this booster to increase by 100,000 capybaras whenever you click.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to hit the capybara.

Unlock characters and weather

This game features many characters which are Witch Capybara, King Capybara, Umbrella Capybara, Noel Capybara, Sun Glasses Capybara, Mexican Capybara, Pixelated Capy, and so on. You cannot buy them. Instead, you must try to reach certain milestones to unlock them. Reaching the milestones will help to unlock not only new characters but also weather. You can unlock 5 weathers including Sunny, Rain, Windy, Snowing, and Star Rain.