Pizza Tower

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Your journey in Pizza Tower

Let's join the plan to save the pizzeria of Peppino in Pizza Tower now. Battling with the bosses and dodging obstacles in the tower are your objectives.

Explore the tower

If you want to find adventure games like House of Hazards, this game is the best choice. To progress through the towers, you must guide your chosen character, Peppino or The Noise, to enter different doors. Each door leads to a distinct room where aggressive bosses await. You will need to utilize the character's agility and quick thinking to navigate the hazardous environments effectively. As you traverse the towers, you will encounter various deadly traps. Running, jumping, and rolling are essential maneuvers to evade these traps and ensure survival. By employing quick reflexes and precise timing, you can navigate through spike pits, swinging blades, and other perilous obstacles. At times, you may come across walls that obstruct your progress. To overcome these barriers, you can activate a skateboard or sprint at breakneck speed toward the wall, shattering it and creating a pathway forward. Similarly, when encountering monsters along the way, you can use your speed to crash into them, eliminating the threat. Although the character will not perish upon collision, it is important to note that crashing into monsters or obstacles will generate loud screams, potentially alerting other enemies.

Battle with the bosses

The tower is more dangerous than you think because some bosses are waiting for you in this. You must fight against them to move to the next room of the tower. Here are some bosses that I want to introduce to you. Besides, I also suggest some strategies to beat them.

  • Pepperman: This is the first boss who considers himself an artist and uses his creations to hinder the player. To defeat him, you must strike him while avoiding his charges and falling statues. When marble blocks appear, you can chip away at them to create a statue, distracting Pepperman and providing an opportunity to strike him.
  • The Vigilante: This is a cowboy hat-wearing blob of mozzarella, that engages you in a gunfight. You must fire at your opponent while evading incoming attacks. The ghost of John E Cheese occasionally interferes, but you can temporarily dispel him by shooting in his direction. The battle culminates in a duel where you must draw your weapon before The Vigilante to claim victory.
  • Pizzaface: This is the apparent final boss, relentlessly pursuing you through each level after shattering the respective stage's pillar. This malevolent dough face spits out enemies while flying around. You must hurl these enemies upward to knock Pizzaface out of the sky, then attack him while he's on the ground. Persistence and skill are crucial to defeating this challenging boss.

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Use the right arrow Keys to run to the left or right.

Use a Z key to choose or jump.

Hold an X key to activate the skateboard and hit the wall.

Use a Down Arrow Key to bow down.

Hold the Left or Right Arrow Key + Down Arrow Key to crawl.

Use an Up Arrow Key to enter the door or climb.