Cubes 2048

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Cubes 2048 is a perfect matching game that gives players a whole new exciting experience. Control a snake that eats blocks and opponents to become bigger.

Get ready to develop by merging blocks

Every player participating in this game will be a snake and so will you. Trying to find a way to become the biggest snake with the highest score is the goal of any player. To accomplish that goal, you will have to go through a process of survival. Merge blocks around to become bigger, consume snakes smaller than you, and run away from snakes bigger than you. Look around and plan your own growth journey. Good luck!

The attraction of the game Cubes 2048

  • This is a perfect amalgamation of two classic games including Snake Game and 2048. The basic and outstanding characteristics of both these classic games will be reflected in this game and you can experience it. Experience those fun things in a game.
  • Designed with a multiplayer mode, the game attracts thousands of players every day to entertain and compete with other players. This is an interesting feature of the game for those who want to interact with others but can't go out.
  • When playing this game, players can show a combo of their skills in strategies to destroy their opponents and win such as the ability to run away or control speed.