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The outstanding information about Agar.io

Agar.io is a game about cells fighting each other to become the dominant cell. With an interesting context about cells, Matheus Valadares who is the developer of this game, has brought interesting experiences for players.

How to play

In this battle royale game, each circle represents a cell. You are one of those cells and carry the task of consuming other cells. You can consume other cells provided that your cells are larger than other cells. If your cells collide with larger cells, you will be consumed by them. This gameplay is exactly the same as the game rules of Hole.io. Do your best to be the biggest cell. Even if you are already the biggest cell, you must continue to grow to protect your position. Name the character and press Play to join the cell battlefield in Agar.io instantly.

Interesting five game modes

FFA, Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental, and Party modes are the 5 game modes that you can see as soon as you access the game. Transform into a cell and join thousands of other online players by choosing from one of four modes: FFA, Battle Royale, Teams, and Experimental. With Party mode, you create a private playing environment and invite friends to join. Or you log into your friend's private playroom and play with him.

Create your own character skin

There are many character skins with different textures. However, they need to be unlocked with a certain amount of XP. The amount of XP required to unlock that skin is shown just below that skin.

One of the outstanding features of this game that other io games do not have is creating your own character skin. This feature is applied in case you login with your game account. You will have the opportunity to create skins that reflect your taste and style. What will your character look like? Is it a cute, ferocious, or horror character? Show off your style and taste.