Geometry Dash Lite

5 votes 4.4/5

The Geometry Dash Lite game brings you exciting running adventures with a geometric cube. Complete the adventure stages and enjoy other characters.

Overcome all deadly challenges

Dangerous maps filled with deadly traps and obstacles are something you will have to go through if you want to go on adventures in this game. Control a geometric cube character to run, jump over obstacles, and jump over deadly obstacles to move further and further away.

The geometric cube will run faster and faster and only stop if it collides with deadly obstacles. Let's see your play skills in helping the cube avoid obstacles while keeping up with the cube's running speed. Passing the first stage with the geometric cube, you will advance to the next stage with a new character. Also, if you have a taste for running games, Subway Surfers is the top choice on our gaming website.

Notable information about Geometry Dash Lite

  • This scratch game is released in 2022 and is the new version of the geometry dash game. This is considered the most successful and popular version of the geometry dash series.
  • Seven characters including Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider will appear in turn for you to experience, However, you can only play this game if you unlock the adventure stages.
  • There are 10 achievements in this running game. These achievements can be obtained in Normal mode or Practice mode. To achieve all these 10 achievements, you have to almost conquer this game.
  • Visit the Setting sections for more details on how to play, rate, and song. In particular, you can create an account in the Settings section and you can keep your play history.