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Description of Lolbeans

The Lolbeans game is a multiplayer racing game in which the battle royale is going on very intense but also very interesting. Experience the racing in the game.

Be the first to reach the finish line

Lolbeans offers a racing competition that consists of many small races. In each small racing, each player sets a goal for himself to be the first player to run to the finish line first. Each round will eliminate a number of players who finish last. The final round will be the contest to find the winner. Join and let us know where you stand, winner or eliminated.

How to control

The controls of this game are quite similar to other battle royale games like Shell Shockers as you control the character to move by pressing the arrow keys or WASD on the keyboard. Space or right-click will be the control button to help your parked character jump over the obstacles. Don't get used to looking around to know your current status with the computer mouse.

Attractive features of Lolbeans

  • Lolbeans are also known as Lol Beans or Lolbeans io. That means this is an io game that allows online players from different countries to compete against each other.
  • The bean character is cute and there are many skins for the bean character in the Store. Unlock or buy them to make your bean character more unique and attractive.
  • Different graphics and races will give players different experiences. Play one game but you have the feel of many games.