State.io - Conquer The World

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State.io - Conquer The World is an online strategy game that is supported on both desktop and mobile. Use your troops wisely and conquer the world.

Conquer the world

How to play

Like Paper.io 2, the game State.io - Conquer The World recreates the battles of the states on desktop and mobile smart devices. You act as the leader of a state and go on a journey to conquer other states so that they are under your control.

For an unoccupied state, you will order your troops to move to that state. As long as your troops are equal to or more than the number required by that state, you can own it. That state will convert to a color of the same color as you. It is a sign that you are the one in control of it.

As for the opponent's state, the opponent's states have a different color than yours. Your opponents will also send their soldiers to conquer other lands, even lands owned by you. As such, you need to defend your territory while attempting to capture your opponent's territory. Stop their army on the way or go to their lair to destroy them. Be the winner!

Way to control

Using the mouse is the way to control. You hold the left mouse button and drag from your state to another state to send troops to that state. You drag the mouse from your multiple states to a state to send troops from multiple states to that state.

Tips to play State.io - Conquer The World

Your opponent is not only one person but many. You have to defend your territory from the onslaught of many other opponents. However, your opponents will also attack each other. In such a case, you will wait for the battle to end. You will bring your troops to capture that state. Their army is reduced and you will be the one to benefit.