Monkey Mart

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About Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a management game where you transform into a monkey manager for a supermarket and try to grow it. This single-player idle game will make your time enjoyable.

Growing crops, raising livestock, harvesting produce, and selling it to dear monkey customers is the basic process that you have to do to grow your supermarket. Just like the building process in the game Bloxd.io, you will slowly work towards earning money and making your supermarket the biggest one. Make a lot of money and then continue to scale up your supermarket. This management game will ignite your business passion and you won't be able to stop playing it. Play right now!

Grow your supermarket

The goal of this management game is to help the supermarket grow. To accomplish this goal, you need to pay attention to the following factors.

How to serve Monkey customers

Any customer coming to a supermarket wants to enjoy attentive service from the supermarket owner. As a supermarket operator, you need to provide your monkey customers with a good experience when they come to your supermarket. When customers come to buy a product, you need that product to sell to them. If the product is out of stock, quickly replenish it and don't let them wait too long.

Expand different products for your supermarket

The demand of monkeys is increasing in terms of output as well as products. More and more products will help your monkey customers have more choices. This will meet the needs of the monkeys as well as increase your revenue. From the banana business, you grow more corn, raise chickens to sell eggs, raise cows to sell milk, sell popcorn, and more.

Keep your supermarket organized and clean

There are bad monkeys that will come to disturb your business. They will come to your supermarket and mess up your products or throw them on the ground. Note that to promptly chase them and rearrange those products.