Temple Of Boom

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Explore Temple Of Boom

Brace yourself with breathtaking shooting battles in Temple Of Boom. Confront waves of enemies and collect powerful weapons in the treasure chests.

Choose the game modes

If you are a big fan of shooting games like Shell Shockers, you should try playing this game now. Let's start to play this game now! First, you need to choose the Single Player mode if you want to explore the temples alone. This game mode has two sub-game modes. The first one is the Campaign mode in which you must explore three temples in order. In each temple, you will encounter 8 waves of opponents. The second one is the Endless mode. In this game mode, you must knock out as many enemies as possible when confronting an endless number of enemies. Fighting against the enemies may be a challenging task for you. However, if you are determined, you can beat all of them. In contrast, if you want to play this game with your friend, the Two-player mode is the best choice. This game mode allows you and your friend to battle with each other in three temples.

Join the fight

In the fight against the monsters in the temple, you will be equipped with a gun. You should use this gun to eliminate monsters such as spiders, frogs, superheroes, and so on. Although the spiders are not equipped with the guns, they are mighty enemies. Their moves are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to predict their next moves to shoot them down. Another way to defeat them is to jump on their heads. While battling with the monsters, you can get hurt or your weapon can run out of ammo. When your gun runs out of ammo, you need to open the treasure chest in the temple to get new guns, ammo, or a health box. In the battle with another player, you must be the last survivor. Note that in this battle, the treasure chest will appear constantly. Be quick to open these treasure chests to collect more powerful guns and ammo.

How to control


Use a W key to jump.

Use the A-D keys to move left or right.

Use an S key to pick up weapons.

Use a C key to shoot.

Use a V key to switch weapons


Use an Up Arrow Key to jump.

Use the Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

Use a Down Arrow key to pick up weapons.

Use a K key to shoot.

Use an I key to switch weapons.