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Information about 2048

2048 is a classic puzzle game that never stops getting hot. Matching two numbers together to form a new number until it gets 2048 is your objective.

The History of 2048

An all-time favorite single-player strategy puzzle game is 2048. Developed by a game developer named Gabriele Cirulli in May 2014, the game has been a huge hit in the gaming community and is the source of many similar games.

The gameplay of 2048

There is a simple 4x4 grid in which the numbers 2 and 4 appear. The player slides these 2 and 4 so that two identical numbers combine to form a new number. This new number is the sum of those two numbers. Continue making such sliding actions until a 2048 number appears. If you make 2048, you win this strategy puzzle game.

It sounds simple, but actually, this game is quite challenging like Territorial io. You only have 16 tiles in all - a rather small space. If you don't observe and come up with strategies for yourself, it's very easy to get all these tiles full. If these tiles are all filled and you have not generated 2048, the loser is you. However, practicing and playing this game over and over again will bring you great experiences and enjoyable times.

Attractive features of the classic 2048 game

  • Everyone can play this game anytime and anywhere with just a smart device connected to the internet. In particular, this game is always encouraged by parents to play with their children because it can improve their strategic ability.
  • Easy control using arrow keys if you play on pc. Alternatively, slide the tiles by tapping the touchscreen if you're playing on a mobile device.
  • Full-screen mode is always available for you to have the best experience.