Blob Wars

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The description of Blob Wars

Join Blob Wars to have fun with your friends now. Guide your blobs to move around the board to assimilate other blobs and take control of the board.

In this game, you must attack other blobs and convert them into your own to gain control of the board. You can spawn the blob into an adjacent space or you can jump into an open space one square away. Select a blob on your team by clicking it with the mouse. Once selected blob will be highlighted and the possible moves you may take will be shown with darkened green tiles. Click on the highlighted space to complete your move. Note that a single square move multiplies your blob. Then a new blob appears where you select and the first blob stays where it is. A 2 square move removes your original blob. After you make a move, any opponent blobs directly next to your own become captured and turn into your blobs. The player who has the most blobs will become the victor when the board is filled. Remember that if you can't make a move, you have to pass. Empty spaces will automatically be filled with your opponents' blobs and then the score will be calculated.

How to control: Click the left mouse to play.

All game modes in Blob Wars

This game has two game modes which are the 1-Player and 2-Player modes. In the 1-Player mode, you can choose the number of rounds of the battle. You can choose between 1 round, five rounds, or three rounds. In particular, in this mode, your rival is the CPU. The second mode in this game is the 2-Player mode. In this mode, you are also allowed to choose the number of rounds of the fight. However, your opponent in this mode is another player. You can invite your friend to participate in the blob battle with you.