House of Hazards

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House of Hazards is a multiplayer game developed by the New Eich Games company. Compete to see who gets all the chores done first in this skill game.

Housework competition with 3 other players

First created in 2020 and updated with many new features in May 2022, House of Hazards is known for its fun and engaging gameplay. Housework is a job that most people don't like. However, when you are in this game, you will never think of that matter.

The game offers a house chore contest in which 4 participants include you and 3 others. A variety of tasks in the house are given and require you to complete them as soon as possible. You are the winner if you are the first to complete all the tasks such as Drink Coffee, Brush Teeth, Pick up the watering can, and more.

Challenges in the housework competition

While you must use strategy to win territory in Territorial io, you also have to strategize to finish the housework first in this game. The reason is that you will encounter many obstacles from unfortunate accidents or interference from other players.

Unlucky accident

Your house in this game looks very ordinary until you start the quest. Unlucky accidents often happen such as falling ceiling lights, broken bowls, and more. If you don't have the quick reaction to avoid them, chances are you'll have to pause the fun here.

Interference from other players

Other players will probably stop you so you can't finish the housework. They can move to your location and lock you in a box. As such, you will not be able to continue the housework contest anymore. Of course, you can also do the same for other players. You lock them in boxes and they won't be able to come out. Then complete all the housework and win the game.