Boat Rush

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The boat race in Boat Rush

Are you ready for thrilling boat races in Boat Rush? Let's drive your boat to move left or right and overtake your opponents to become the fastest boat.

This game offers you a chance to take part in the boat races with the other 5 players from all over the world. You must drive your boat to surf as fast as possible. You can utilize the slanted boards along the way to raise your speed and overtake your rivals. Note that after surfing through the slanted boards, you will fly into the sky within a few seconds. At this time, you can hold the left mouse button to make the boat flip. This is the best way to raise your score in the race and earn more coins. The river has many obstacles which do not destroy your boat but slow down your speed. Therefore, you must drive the boat skilfully to move to the left or right to dodge these obstacles. In addition, gathering coins is also a primary mission that you need to complete. The coins appear along the river, so you can pick up them easily. These coins can be used to upgrade the speed and the jumping height of the boat.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the boat to move to the left or right or flip.

Impressive features of Boat Rush

Daily rewards

This game offers 7 gifts which will be rewarded for hard-working players. It means that if you sign in and play this game for 7 days, you can claim these gifts. Specifically, the rewards for the first 6 days are many gold coins. On the seventh day, you will obtain a gift box that contains a surprising gift.

Various boats

In the shop, you can purchase new boats with different designs. Some boats look like the airplane while the other ones look like the banana. However, you are not allowed to choose and buy your favorite boat. Instead, you must pay 1000 coins to unlock a random boat.