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Defeat other opponents

Beat your opponents in the online physics game Bonk.io. Push your opponents into deadly objects or bounce off the map to accomplish this goal of the game.

The attractive gameplay of Bonk.io

Players around the world when participating in this game will be teleported to different maps in the circular character. Each map has up to 8 players competing against each other. Thus, each time you play, you will have 7 opponents. Your goal is to be the only survivor on the map to be the winner. This goal is successful based on your attempt to defeat your opponents by pushing them into dead objects or falling off the map.

How to control your character

Left and right arrows are used to move left or right. The map is not flat as it contains deadly obstacles, stairs, abyss, and so on. Characters can be controlled to jump over them to pass by pressing the up arrow. Sometimes, when you fall too deep, you press the down arrow and then the up arrow to make it jump higher. To increase your character's weight, press the X key.

Custom features

In the game Bonk.io, there are some cool features that you can tailor yourself to your liking. Here are some typical customization features:

  • Customize your character: You can change the color, and skin of your character to your favorite color.
  • Map customization: You choose any map from hundreds of maps available in this game. You can also create your own map for your game like in Territorial.io and Bloxd.io