Cars 3: Demolition Derby

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The race in Cars 3: Demolition Derby

Cars 3: Demolition Derby is an exciting racing game in which you have a chance to drive Lightning McQueen. Complete three laps in the shortest time to win.

Join the races

This game is inspired by a famous kid cartoon Cars 3. Therefore, all characters in this game are those in the cartoon. When playing this game, you are allowed to drive the Lightning McQueen car to embark on breathtaking races with the other 3 races. The objective of the race is to complete three laps in the shortest time. Note that you have three rivals. You must try to overtake them and become one of the fastest drivers. One tip is to go through slanted boards along the way. Besides, you can collect the NItro along the way and activate it when necessary. Moreover, don't forget to pick up all the gold coins scattered along the way.

Complete all levels

This game offers 6 levels with different degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more complex the track is. Therefore, if you want to conquer high levels, you must master your driving skills. Play Eggy Car to practice your driving skills. In addition, level 6 is the most challenging level and is locked. If you want to unlock this level, you must beat all 5 levels and get 10 stars.

How to control: Press the left or right arrow keys to drive the car.

All cars in Cars 3: Demolition Derby

Before starting the races, you should buy your favorite car. There are a total of 12 cars. They are locked. You must complete different missions to unlock them. Here are some tips to unlock these cars.

  • Arvy: To unlock this car, you must complete the Arvy Challenge.
  • Dr Damage: This car can be unlocked after you win the Dr Damage Challenge.
  • Miss Fritter: You must win the Miss Fritter Challenge to unlock this car.
  • Racer 86: Try your best to complete 3 races to get this car.
  • Racer 42: You must use Nitro 10 times to get this car.
  • Racer 88: Attempt to accumulate 20 coins to get this car.
  • Racer 90: You have to collect 40 stars to unlock this car.
  • Cruz Ramirez: Do your best to complete 30 races to get this car.

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