Crab And Fish

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Crab And Fish is a fun puzzle game where you do your best to rescue your fish friends from the nets as a crab. Let's see how many fish you can rescue.

How to rescue the fish

It's different from the EvoWorld.io game when it's a multiplayer game. This puzzle game only offers a single-player feature. Specifically, there are a lot of fish caught in the net in this game. You play as a friendly crab of the ocean and are ready to go rescue them. Break blocks of different shapes and sizes by clicking the blocks, then shred the nets to release fish into the ocean. It's important to stay balanced while breaking blocks. If you can't keep your balance and fall off the blocks, the game is over.

Your crab is surrounded by a hexagon. It would be better if you could break the blocks while still balancing the crab with the sides of that hexagon. This is because the corners of the hexagon are difficult to balance. It is even very easy for your child to fall off the block if the balance point is the corner.

How to calculate the score of Crab And Fish

As you all know, your goal is to break the blocks to help the fish free. Thus, each time you successfully rescue a fish, you will get some points. In addition, breaking blocks also helps you get more points. Depending on the shape, size, and difficulty of each block, you get different points. In general, the more blocks are broken and the more fish are released, the more points you get.