Cut The Rope: Experiments

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The introduction about Cut The Rope: Experiments

Try out Cut The Rope: Experiments which is the newest version of the Cut The Rope series. Cut the rope to collect three stars and feed Om Nom.

A little alien, Om Nom, is learning the eating behavior. He is keen on candies. However, these candies are hung by ropes. You must cut these ropes to feed the little alien. Be careful! Think carefully and cut the right ropes to help the candies drop into the mouth of Om Nom. You will lose if the candies cannot fall into Om Nom's mouth. Moreover, you must make these candies fly through three stars to collect them. Your score will be calculated based on the number of stars you can collect and the time you complete a level. The sooner you can complete a level, the more points you can get. Moreover, you will get a higher score if you can gather three stars. Do your best.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to cut the rope.

All levels packs in Cut The Rope: Experiments

In this game, there are 8 levels packs. Each level pack has 25 levels. You must complete them in order. Here is the list of level packs in the game.

  • Getting Started: This is the first level pack in this game.
  • Shooting the Candy: In this second-level pack, you can see rope guns that will shoot the candy wherever it is.
  • Sticky Steps: In the third level pack, you can use suction cups to detach or reattach the rope.
  • Rocket Science: In this level pack, you can utilize the rockets to deliver candies to the mouth of Om Nom.
  • Bath Time: In this pack of levels, the candies will float on the water.
  • Handy Candy: In this pack of levels, you can control the robot arm to take candies.
  • Ant Hill: This level pack introduces ants that can carry the candies along a certain path. You can tap the ants to make them release the candies.
  • Bamboo Chutes: This pack of levels introduces chutes.