Devast io

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Devast io is ready to welcome everyone to this survival game. In the dangerous wild world, become stronger and stronger to survive and protect yourself.

Tame and evolve your pet to become stronger

Each player participating in this game will own a pet. The task of each player is to help his beast character become stronger and bigger in a dark and dangerous world. This archer character is known to move slowly. However, as it evolves, its movement will become faster.

You must pay attention to the factors of health, food, temperature, safety, and more so that your pet's character can be healthy and develop. Control it to move around and away from strong enemies. Get ready for an exciting journey to gather resources, craft weapons, and build shelters.

How to control

The arrow keys and WASD keys are the controls that you use to move your pet character. When meeting an enemy, you can choose to run away by holding Shift to run or attack him by left-clicking to attack. The E key will help your character to interact with surrounding objects or objects. Alternatively, you can press M to open the map and press C to access the Crafting and Skill menus.