Drift 3

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The gameplay of Drift 3

Are you ready for an endless race with many players in Drift 3? Your goal is to overtake other racers and go the furthest distance in the endless racetrack.

If you are the best racer, prove it by participating in the endless race in this game. The race requires you and the other 7 racers to race on an endless racetrack. This racetrack has many corners, stunt ramps, and dead ends. Moreover, it is also really bumpy and narrow. Therefore, you must take caution when racing on this racetrack. In addition, you also need to watch for other racers because they will actively crash into you and push you out of the racetrack. Try to stay safe and go the furthest distance. So, what is the end of the race in this game? The race in this game will end when the other 7 players fall off the racetrack and are eliminated.

How to control: Hold or release the left mouse button to turn left or right.

The collection of cars in Drift 3

Before entering the exciting race, you need to choose between 8 cars with different kinds, designs, and colors in the garage. These cars are free, so you can select your favorite car without paying any coins. One tip is to choose big cars such as the police car, the ice-cream car, and the fire engine. These cars can push other smaller cars out of the racetrack easily.