Duck Life

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Welcome to an adventure game by MoFunZone.com and Wix Games called Duck Life. Let's with the little duck on the great task of restoring the farm.

Join the race to earn rewards

A storm sweeps through a farm and the only thing left is an egg. That egg hatched into a small duck. As the farm owner, it is your duty to train this little duck to participate in races and earn rewards. When you reach the prizes, you will have money to restore your farm to the way it was before the storm. Are you ready for a journey from the starting point to the highest point?

Your tasks to do in the Duck Life game

Feed the duckling

Health is always one of the most important factors on the road to success. You must always ensure that the duck is in the best health condition. Feeding and drinking ducks is a basic but important job that you must remember. Duck food is free in the store. However, if you want your duck to be stronger and more developed, you can unlock a few things that will help your duck grow more.

Training and registering ducks to participate in races

In addition to ensuring the duck is always in top condition, you need to train the duck to become a good athlete. There are three items that you need to keep in mind when training because it belongs to the racing parts of ducks: running, swimming, and flying. Run fast, swim well, and fly high so that your duck goes as far as possible. Thus, you will earn more money. Use that money to restore your farm.