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The Rules of Ducklings

Play Ducklings to join the search for little ducks now. Swim around to find young ducks and bring them back to your nest safely without crashing obstacles.

In this game, you will play as a duck father whose young ducks are lost. Your mission is to find them and bring them back. You must swim around the lake to find your ducklings. After seeing them, you must approach them to save them. Note that if you see other ducks, you can steal their ducklings. However, be careful because they also want to do the same thing with you. You should swim faster when you realize that someone wants to steal your young ducks. Besides other ducks, you also need to take caution with sailboats and rowboats on the lake. You should not hit them if you do not want to die soon.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the duck.

Some tips when playing Ducklings

  • Stay away from the sailboats and rowboats.
  • Stealing the duckling will help you get more young ducks faster. However, just steal the little ducks when other ducks do not notice you.
  • The more little ducks you can save, the bigger the nest is.
  • If you want to unlock new hats such as a helicopter hat, a wig hat, a crab hat, a warrior hat, a koala hat, or a Robin Hood-style hat, you should try to rescue as many little ducks as possible.