Elastic Man

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An interesting idle game that will make your time more enjoyable is the Elastic Man game. Entertain yourself by dragging the man's face to your will.

Elastic face in Elastic Man

The design

The design of this idle game is very simple. The whole game consists of only one elastic face of a man. Flawless smooth skin, large round bulging eyes with tiny pupils, and a mouth that is always open are basic but striking features of a man's face. When you move the pointer, the pupils will move in its direction.

The elasticity of the face

The reason why this man's face is often called an elastic face is because of its elastic feature. You play and test the elasticity of the face by holding the mouse and dragging the face in any direction you want. It will be stretched and deformed. When you release the mouse, the face will return to its original shape. If you play this game on a mobile device, you swipe the face to deform it and release your hand to return it to its original shape.

Join the game to feel its fun. There are no quests you are required to complete in this game. Enjoy your time! If you love this idle game, Cookie Clicker City is a game of the same genre that you may like.

Features of Elastic Man

  • Fascinating, fun, addictive game with strange gameplay.
  • Easy control on both desktop and mobile.
  • Adjust the medium or high quality of the game
  • There is no mission in the idle game.