Extreme Pamplona

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About Extreme Pamplona

Join thrilling chases in Extreme Pamplona now. Jump over obstacles along the way and run as fast as possible to avoid getting caught by your chaser.

When playing this game, you will join exciting chases. You will be chased by anyone. If you are too slow, you can get caught. Therefore, accelerate and try to escape from your chaser. You can see many obstacles along the way and they will slow down your speed. When you are about to reach the obstacles, you should jump as high as possible to evade them. Come on! Try this game now and do not forget to take a look at other awesome games on our website. They are Little Alchemy and Go Green.

How to control

Hold the right arrow key to run.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

All levels in Extreme Pamplona

This game features 8 levels corresponding to 8 countries. In each country, you will be chased by a distinct person and meet different obstacles.

  • Spain: This is the first level in this game. In Spain, you will run in the fighting arena and be chased by a gaur.
  • Germany: At this level, you will run through the streets because you are chased by the owner of the beer bar.
  • America: At this level, you must run on the construction site. The policeman is chasing you, so run as fast as possible to escape from him.
  • Russia: In France, you will be chased by a royal guard, so you must jump from the roof of the building to another one.
  • Netherlands: In this country, you will be chased by a spiderman. You must jump from one ship to another one to escape from the spiderman.
  • Switzerland: In this country, you will wear ski boards and surf on the snowy hills.
  • France: In this country, you jump over different statues to escape from a guy.
  • Sweden: In this country, you will be chased by a guy in the sauna. Note that if you crash into other guys sitting in the sauna, you will be forced to turn back.