Friday Night Funkin'

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Take part in the Friday Night Funkin' game to enjoy great rhythm music! Based on the arrows, get ready to create the most perfect music in this game.

Dance and create the perfect rhythm

In this rhythm game, you are a boyfriend and are facing challenges from your girlfriend's dad. On Friday night, you will have to take on the difficult challenge of dancing to the rhythm so that it forms a perfect song.

So how do you accomplish that task? When the music starts, you will see arrows appear on the screen. Your task is to click the corresponding arrows at the keyboard each time an arrow appears. Each time you successfully press, you will hear the sound of the music note in the song. Take all the notes of the song to form a complete and perfect piece. In addition, Geometry Dash Lite also has many great rhythms that you might like.

The rule of Friday Night Funkin'

One thing you need to keep in mind in this music rhythm game is that an arrow only appears for a very short time. Then another arrow will appear. If you don't act in time by the time it appears, your song will no longer be perfect. When you miss too many arrows and notes in the song, your song will become bad. As a result, your girlfriend's father won't be pleased with you.

You must do your girlfriend's father's challenge for 7 consecutive weeks. Each week, 3 songs will have to be completed. Some of the famous and good songs in this game are Bopeebo, Fresh, Dad Battle, Spookeez, South, Monster, etc.