Go Battles 2

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Mini-games in Go Battles 2

Let's take part in interesting mini-games in Go Battles 2. Try to win another player in as many mini-games as possible to become an ultimate victor.

If you want to have fun with your friends, you should play this game. This game offers many mini-games that you and your friends can join.

  • Magnet: In this mini-game, you and your friend must compete to grab coins in the arena and then let them go into the black hole.
  • Flame: In this mini-game, you must drive your helicopter to scoop up water and then pour it into the flame to put the fire out.
  • Glass: In this mini-game, the pipe will move from left to right and vice versa. You must control a platform to the left or right in order for the water from the pipe to drop into the bucket.
  • Flycar: This mini-game requires you to increase the speed of the car to get to the coin on the other side.
  • Moto: Your mission in this mini-game is to drive your motorcycle to go through rocks. After going through a rock, you will gain one point. Try to gain more points than your rivals within 30 seconds.
  • Jump: Your task in this mini-game is to jump as high as possible to avoid spiky balls. These balls will bounce constantly. Therefore, you must be careful. Dodging a ball will help you earn one point. Attempt to get the highest possible score.
  • Hole: In this mini-game, you must put all the discs into the hole.
  • Archers: You and your opponent will compete to shoot at coin boxes to collect coins. If you shoot at bomb boxes, the bombs will drop into the head of the opponent.
  • Drift: This mini-game will take you to a drifting race in which your goal is to complete as many laps as possible within 30 seconds.
  • Row: In this mini-game, you must control the boat to collect coins along the river.
  • Up-Down: This mini-game requests you to jump from one branch to another branch of the tree to collect coins. Be careful because the branch can break at any time to make you fall. You must jump to another branch before it breaks.

How to control

PLAYER 1: Press the A-D keys to play.

PLAYER 2: Press the left-right arrow keys to play.