Gold Miner Tom

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Gold Miner Tom is a classic gold mining game famous for decades. Your goal in this game is to extract as many minerals as possible, especially gold.

Mining as many minerals as possible

As mentioned above, you will become a miner with the task of mining minerals. Mine as much as possible and always make sure to earn at least the required amount. Specifically, the areas where you want to mine minerals are determined to have a lot of precious things like gold, coal, ancient coins, and so on. You use machines to pull those precious minerals up. Depending on the type of mineral, you will receive a corresponding amount.

In addition, the game presents a challenge where it requires you to win at least a coin within a minute. If a minute is up and you haven't met the demand, you lose. Conversely, if you earn equal to or more than that amount, you will be moved to a resistant mine with more minerals.

Instruction to control

You in this game own a machine that can pull anything. It has a hook and always moves from left to right. To be able to hook and pull minerals from the ground, you will left click to release the hook. Estimating the position and angle is important to win this game.