Gulper io

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Gulper io is proud to be one of the most loved io games. With simple and familiar gameplay, you as a snake will immerse yourself in this multiplayer game.

Gulper io and Snake io

This game is derived from the famous snake io game and the classic snake game. The gameplay of these games is similar when you have a mission of developing yourself. However, when playing on Gulper io you will experience better graphics, sound effects, and features. It can be said that this is a more advanced version.

Grow your snake into the biggest snake

The player participating in this game transforms into a snake and participates in the deadly snake arena. In this solid arena, the luminous energy particles seem to be infinite and they have a stronger effect on your solids. Controlling your snake to consume these energy particles is how you help your snake to become bigger. However, the speed is quite slow. To grow snakes faster, snakes can eat snakes. That's why this arena is the death arena. You trap other snakes to eat them and other snakes are trying to trap you to eat you. Who will be consumed first? Who will become the snake king? The answer depends on you.