Hammer Flight

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Hammer Flight is a fighting game about an exciting battle between hammers. Control your hammer to destroy your opponent's hammer and win this game.

Defeat your opponent

Each player participating in this game controls a hammer. Specifically, a rock hammer is fastened to a crate that is equipped with a flying device. Therefore, your hammer will be able to fly. Two players will oppose each other in this game. The goal is to destroy the opponent's hammer. To destroy the opponent's hammer, you must control your character to spin and attack the opponent's hammer. By hovering in a circle, your hammer will perform the same action. The faster you hover, the stronger your hammer's attack will be. Get ready to destroy your opponent's hammer.

How do you know you won?

Each player character has an HP bar directly below each character. It will let the player know who has the upper hand in this game by comparing the HP bars with each other. If the player who owns the HP bar runs out first, that player loses. Otherwise, the remaining player will be the winner. To lower your opponent's HP bar, your attacks must hurt the opponent's character. Attack consecutively so that the opponent does not have time to think of any strategy.