Helix Jump

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The success of Helix Jump

Try out Helix Jump to test your quick reflexes and quick fingers now. Gain the highest possible score by helping the ball fall as deep as possible.

After being released, this arcade game attracted many players in the gaming community. They appreciate this game and recommend it as a must-try arcade game. Why is this game so successful? The answers are its new and addictive gameplay, intuitive controls, and awesome 3D graphics. Moreover, this game is available on both PC and mobile devices, which allows you to play it anywhere and anytime.

The playing guideline of Helix Jump

As you can see, there is a giant column and many platforms are attached to this column. Your task is to rotate this column to make the bouncing ball fall through the cracks of the platforms. Note that the deeper the balls can go, the more points you can gain. Therefore, if you want to gain the highest possible score, you must reach the deepest place. Keep in mind that the ball will become faster and more powerful if it drops through many cracks at the same time. Furthermore, you will gain many extra points if the balls can destroy many platforms at the same time. In addition, rotating the column also helps the balls dodge the red zones on the platforms. These zones will make the ball stop bouncing, so you must evade them at all costs.

How to control


Hold the left mouse button to rotate the tower.

Mobile devices

Tap the screen to rotate the tower.