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Hole.io is an online io game where you act like a black hole trying to absorb everything. Grow your hole and become a giant monster that nothing can beat. This game has the same io game genre as the Territorial io game.

Rules of the game Hole.io

Taking part in this game you can see that it is an arcade physics puzzle game that works with battle royale mechanics. Play the role of a hole and move around the area to absorb everything: people, vehicles, wooden stakes, street lights, trees, and even buildings. Nothing is impossible provided that your hole is bigger than the object. The more your hole absorbs objects, the larger its size. Therefore, even if you cannot absorb this large object now, it will later.

As everyone knows, this game is a place where many people can join to play. Therefore, in the process of playing, one of the important things that you need to notice is other online players. The feature of holes is that they can absorb everything including other holes. It works according to the feature of big fish eating small fish. A large hole can absorb a small hole. Therefore, the advice for you is to stay away from holes that are larger than you. In case you encounter a smaller hole, don't hesitate to absorb it.

Access Hole.io features

The homepage of this game proposes a lot of interesting features. Let's explore the features!

Today's top score

Here is a table of players with the highest scores of the day. This table is sorted in descending order. The person with the highest score will stand in 1st place and in turn until the person with the 10th highest score. This leaderboard will change regularly due to the change of the person with the higher score.

Missions and Graphic Quality

The game offers 2 interesting missions for each player. Specifically, the first mission requires the player to become the top 1 three times in the Battle Royal mode. The second task is the car on the city map.

Graphic Quality is where you adjust the quality of the graphics. Graphics quality will be adjusted according to the game's page load speed. If the game runs slow, you can choose low, or medium quality instead of high quality.

A variety of Maps

The game currently has a total of 17 maps. All, City, and Medieval are 3 maps available since the game was released. 14 remaining maps have just been updated and released recently. Some maps you might want to know: Japan, Cri-fi, Pirates, Farm, Cartoon Town, and more. For details of each map, you can experience that map directly by clicking on the Maps section and selecting the map.

Game modes

4 game modes with different missions are available:

  • Classic: Within 2 minutes, the player tries to absorb the most items to get the best score.
  • Battle royal: Run away from bigger holes and absorb smaller holes so that you become the last hole.
  • Teams: Divide into different teams and battle each other. Destroy the remaining team and become a member of the winning team.
  • Solo Run: Eat 100% of the map in 2 minutes is your mission.