Iron Snout

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Iron Snout is an engaging fighting game where you play as a pig and perform punches and kicks to protect yourself from being eaten. Kill the wolves as much as you can.

The background of Iron Snout

Take part in this game, you will transform into a pink pig. Your big uncle has high martial arts skills and doesn't have any weapons. Your enemies will be ferocious wolves that want to eat you. These remnants are armed with sharp knives. They will use these knives to destroy your pig. Let's see if you are able to protect yourself with your martial arts skills or be the dish for them.

Wolves will appear more and more. When this wave of wolves ends, a more dangerous wave will emerge. There will be no time for your pig to rest and recover from combat. Do not worry if you are destroyed by those dangerous wolves. This game is completely free like EvoWorld.io. Therefore, you can join the game anytime and anywhere. Play over and over and become an undefeated pig.

Some points to note when playing Iron Snout

  • Before starting a real fight, you are suggested to take a tutorial. You will learn how to demonstrate martial arts moves to fight wolves. Punches, kicks, high jumps, and other damaging moves will be covered in this course.
  • A health bar at the top of the screen will tell you the health status of your pig character. When you take damage from enemy attacks, this health bar will gradually decrease. When it runs out, your pig will die and the game is over.
  • A statistics table will be displayed when the game is over. Based on this table, you will know your achievements in the last battle. Fight Time, Strikes, Hits, Best Combo, and more will be shown in this statistics table.