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The travel in Krew.io

Let's explore the ocean in Krew.io now to find interesting things. Do not ignore any wooden boxes on the ocean and fight against other players.

If you are keen on exciting adventures on the ocean, you should try this game now. In this game, you will transform into the cannon character. You will ride your ship to traverse the ocean. During your adventure, you will meet many interesting things such as wooden boxes. These boxes contain many coins. Therefore, you must collect as many wooden boxes as possible to gain a lot of coins. In addition, fights are unavoidable in the adventure on the ocean. You will meet other players who also are traveling on the ocean. However, be careful because they are not friendly. They can attack you, so you can try to eliminate them before they do that. Furthermore, you must encounter aggressive sharks in the ocean. If you get hurt by the sharks, you should find an isolated island and stay on it to recover your health.

How to control

Use WASD keys to move.

Use the Spacebar to jump.

Use a 1 key to use the cannon.

Use a 2 key to use the fishing rod.

Use a 3 key to spyglass

Use 5-7 keys to upgrade your stats.

Use the M key to open or close the map.

Use the Shift key to open or close the leaderboard.