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About Litemint.io

Litemint.io is an interesting multiplayer card game. Use the cards to decrease the health of your opponent and earn as many coins and stars as possible.

Playable cards

This is considered to be one of the best card multiplayer games that was released in 2023. In this game, you will be matched with a random player. Then, each player will be offered three cards and have 30 health points. You must use these cards to decrease the health score of the rival to become the winner. The one whose health score reaches zero will win the game. Note that all cards are drawn at random. Moreover, the time of each turn is limited. Therefore, you should choose one of your cards before the time is over. If you do not select any card before time's up, the card will be chosen at random. First, let's learn about the functions of the cards now.

  • Hellfire: This card can be used to decrease the health score of the enemy.
  • Repair: You can use this card to raise your health score.
  • Overload: This card can be used to boost the power of your cards.
  • Biohazard: You can use this card to reduce your opponent's health score.
  • Kinetic Barrier: This card will create a barrier that will protect your health score from reducing.

Raise your rank on the leaderboards

After winning a match, you will gain many points. You must accumulate as many points as possible to raise your rank on the leaderboards. There are three kinds of leaderboards which are season, daily, and KD ratio leaderboards. They present the top 100 players that get the best scores. Do your best to gain the highest rank on these leaderboards.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the cards.

The shop in Litemint.io

In the shop, you can use your coins to unlock new cards. They are Equality, Battlemaster, Repair Droid, Tactical Heal, Armor Piercer, Half Life, Sabotage, Repair Mastery, Tactical Blast, Survival Kit, Justice, and so on. These cards will assist you a lot in beating the opponent. For example, you can use the Energy Siphon to drain all energy from enemy cards. The Repair Mastery card will increase all your Repair cards by 2 points. The Shockwave card can be used to deal damage equal to your hand damage