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Have you ever aspired to be a king who owns everything and has the power to decide everything? Are you willing to do anything to become a king, including assassination? Murder is a game that gives you the chance to become a king. By becoming the king's servant and assassinating that king, you will become the next king.

Assassinate the king as a servant

Every king has many servants. You will play as the king's closest servant and find the opportunity to assassinate him. Follow the king without leaving to find that opportunity. Hides a small knife but sharp enough to kill the king in a single attack. Gently raised that knife and stabbed the king's critical point. If you succeed in assassinating him, take his dragon robe and crown to become the next king.

Carefulness and distrust are something that any king has. Although you have become the king's most trusted servant, he is always wary of you. The king will occasionally pop back and forth to look at you. If he catches your treason. Life in prison for life will be your punishment. Quick, decisive, and careful in the face of the king's suspicions are necessary. In Paper.io 2, you can also become king if you own the largest territory.

As a king, beware of the assassination of your servant

Successfully assassinate the king, and you will become the next king. Own everything in the world and have the right to decide everything. However, you also have to face the risks when others want to kill you to take your place. Your servants are the most dangerous. When you feel any signs, turn around to protect yourself. Get ready to imprison all your assassins.