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The city in Nend.io

Let's become a citizen in Nend.io now. Work on computers to earn a lot of money and use your money to go shopping and join entertaining activities.

If playing this game, you will enter a city in which you can do everything you want. You can eat, sleep, and join entertaining activities. If you want to earn money, you must go to the offices and work on computers. Try to earn as much money as possible. Then, you can use your money to go shopping. Let's buy impressive clothes to become more beautiful. In addition, you can use your money to upgrade your skills such as Trading, Speed, Inventory, Strength, Search, Computing, Mood, Food, Sleep, and Toilet. Note that the virtual life in this game is also simulated real life. Therefore, you will become old and die. You had better purchase a successor to continue the game.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Press an E key to interact.

Click the left mouse button to hit.

Press the M key to open the map.

Click the right button to delete items.