Noob vs Cops

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The thrilling chase in Noob vs Cops

Get ready for an exciting chase in Noob vs Cops. Drive your ship to move left or right to escape from the zombie cops and catch as many fish as possible.

In this game, you will play as Noob who is being chased by the zombie cops. You will drive your ship to go around the ocean to escape from the cops. If the cops can catch you, you will lose. Therefore, you must go as quickly as possible. Moreover, you can move left or right to trap the cops crashing into each other. Furthermore, you can use your guns to destroy the ships of the zombie cops. Besides the zombie cops, you also need to take caution with big rocks and the ships of fishermen. If you hit them, your ship will be destroyed and you will lose. Another mission in this game is to catch as many fish as possible.

How to control

Press the A-D keys to drive the ship to the left or right.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

The Shop in Noob vs Cops

In the shop, you can buy new ships with different designs and colors. Note that each ship has a distinct feature. For example, the more expensive the ship is, the faster it is. You should consider carefully their features and use the fish you catch to buy your favorite ship. In addition, you can use your fish to purchase powerful guns. These guns can be equipped on the ship and used to shoot down the ships of the zombie cops. Remember the more expensive the gun is, the more damage it can cause.