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About Oib.io

Participate in the battle between the slime armies in Oib.io now. You must develop your slime army first and then fight against other players in the arena.

As a slime queen, your mission is to develop your own slime army. To do that, you must divide yourself into as many small slimes as possible first. Next, you will consume these mini slimes to increase your size, experience score, and level. Keep doing that until your reach a high level and become the biggest slime. Next, it is time for the fight between slime armies. You need to move around the arena to find other players and consume them to grow bigger. Note that the slimes you want to attack must be smaller than you. If you must encounter bigger slimes, you should escape as fast as possible to avoid being consumed.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to select a unit.

Hold the left mouse button and drag to select multiple units

Use the Spacebar to select all units

Click the right mouse button to move

UseWASD or arrow keys to move the camera

Use a 1 key to spawn Oibs

Use a 2 key to combine selected oibs

Use a 3 key to split selected oibs

Use a 4 key to feed the selected oibs to the main character