Punk Row

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The gameplay of Punk Row

Let's gather a punk band in Punk Row now. You have to go around to gather all the members and then lead them to the stage to perform impressive songs.

In this game, you will play as a singer who wants to create a punk band. First, you must gather other members of your band first. Go around and find talented drummers and guitarists. During the adventure, you must watch out for spiky traps and cannon. Note that you can use the traffic cones to block the bullets from the cannon. Moreover, you also need to be careful with cops. However, when all members are gathered, your band will be on fire. At this time, your band can beat the cops easily. After defeating the cops, you must go on the stage and perform catchy songs. The audience will come and cheer.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to move around.

All levels of Punk Row

This game has 12 levels that are locked. You must complete them in order. You need to remember that the higher the level, the more dangers you will encounter. However, I believe you can overcome all challenges and create a great punk band. Nothing can stop your dream.