Rocket Bot Royale

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Description of Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is a free online tank game in which you will own a tank and start your journey to destroy everything. Be the only survivor left in the game.

Use the tank to destroy everything

Are you ready to join a breathtaking tank battle? Deadly tanks and endless ammunition are waiting for you. Entering this game, you are responsible for controlling your tank. Move around the area in search of gold coins, interesting items, and engage in a tank battle with other players. Gold and useful items that you collect while playing can help you upgrade your tank to a better version as it has more damage. Once you own such a great tank, you can easily win over your opponent. After those wins, you can take the rewards left by the other losers.

The game controls

For the best playing experience, you need to know how to control your tank first. First, to move the tank, you use the A and D keys. If you want to shoot something, especially your opponent, hold the left mouse button and change the direction of the gun. Then, you click the left mouse button to shoot. The tank possesses many different weapons. To change weapons, press Tab. Finally, you control the tank to shoot the ground so that the tank jumps up.

Complete quests to level up

The game offers many tasks for the player. Make these missions your goal. As you complete these missions, you can level up. As you level up, you'll gain access to better perks and weapons such as shields, extra ammo, and more. Continue your journey and become the only tank left. After that, come to EvoWorld.io to enjoy an exciting survival game.