Skibidi Toilet

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The fight in Skibidi Toilet

Skibidi Toilet is a thrilling action game featuring horror elements. Fight against five monsters and protect the city to gain as much money as possible.

Recently, a monster named Skibidi is really famous in the gaming community. Now, Skibidi is invading your city and attacking innocent citizens. Therefore, you must protect the city now. You will be equipped with powerful guns. Therefore, use them to attack Skibidi now. First, you must run around the city to find Skibidis. Look at the mini-map at the top of the screen to identify their positions. As soon as you see the Skibidis, you should shoot constantly at them to defeat them. While shooting, you also need to run around or move backward to evade their attacks. If your blood bar is empty, you will lose. Therefore, try to stay safe until you eliminate 5 Skibidis and win the game. Keep in mind that you will gain 500 dollars after shooting down them. You can use your money to hire cameramen. They will help you defeat the enemies. Additionally, you can use your money to purchase more guns in the shop.

How to control

Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around.

Press the spacebar to jump.

Hold the right mouse button to aim.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.