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Skribbl.io is a fun multiplayer drawing and guessing game. Your task is to draw to describe something or guess the word that other players are drawing.

Welcome to the fun drawing room in Skribbl.io. This room will consist of 8 members of which one member will act as the painter and the other 7 members will be the guesser. You are one of these 8 members and you can be the guesser or responsible for the draw.

Draw and guess in Skribbl.io

As a drawer

In this case, a key representing the object or something will appear on the screen. You will use pictures to describe the word by drawing. Your drawing must be related to that keyword so that the rest of the players can relate to that keyword and give the correct answer. You only have a certain amount of time to draw and help other players guess the keyword. If time runs out and no one guesses that keyword or few people give the correct answer, your drawing ability will be undervalued. Prove your drawing skills.

As a guesser

There is a player drawing pictures. As a guesser, your task is to guess what the player is drawing about. Write your answer in the comment box below. If your answer is correct, you will receive points. If you give the wrong answer, you will keep guessing. When the time runs out and you still have not given the correct answer, you will not receive any points. Also, guess what the next color the other players come up with in Uno Online!