Slope Run

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The adventure in Slope Run

Take a look at Slope Run which is an exciting running game featuring awesome 3D graphics. Let's start your adventure in the endless tunnel with the blue ball.

The blue ball is on its way to find its pieces of memories. Its destinations are the planets in the universe. The only way to reach these planets is to travel through an endless tunnel that connects all planets in the universe. However, it is said this tunnel hides many dangers such as unsteady tiles or giant leaps. If you are uncareful, you will fall out of the tunnel and the adventure will end. Therefore, let's guide the ball skillfully to overcome these hazards and reach the furthest distance. Your score will depend on the distance that the ball can roll. Moreover, do not forget to pick up the gold coins while you travel through the tunnel.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys or A-D keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key or a W key to jump over obstacles.