Smash Karts

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About Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a multiplayer io game that offers an exciting kart battle arena. Control your kart to conduct dramatic collisions to destroy other players.

Instruction to play Smash Karts

As mentioned above, this game acts as a battle arena for skilled kart drivers. The goal is to find the top names in the leaderboard representing the best players. As a skilled kart driver, you are ready to face thousands of opponents from around the world to become one of those outstanding names.

Press Play to start the battle immediately. You control your kart and perform dangerous and dramatic collisions. When the collision happens, your kart or your opponent's kart will overturn. Whoever the overturned kart belongs to, that person is the loser.

However, this battle will last for three minutes. You can completely continue to participate in the battle if this amount of time has not ended. In addition to performing collisions, you can collect secret boxes that contain a variety of different weapons. Attacking other players with those weapons is good practice.

How to determine the winner?

Any 8 players will participate in a battle arena. Each time you eliminate a player, you get one point. At the end of 3 minutes, also known as 1 round, whoever gets rid of the most remaining players is the winner.

How to control

There are two main controls you have to remember. First, you navigate the direction of your kart with the arrow keys or WASD. Second, you press the Space Bar to shoot the weapon at your opponents.

Great features of the game you should know


Starting the game Smash Karts, you are only allowed to control one default character. However, after you gain some achievements after battles, the customize feature will be unlocked. You can upgrade your character, give your character a hat, upgrade your kart, and more thanks to this feature.

Private battle

You can create your own kart battle or join a private battle. This match will be where you and your friends compete against each other in terms of kart driving skills. Beat your friends and get fun.

Add friends and news

The game has a news board. You can find out about updates, announcements, or exciting news about the game at this news board. Next to the news board, you'll see a friending area. Press the add friends button to search and then add your friends.

Select region and Options

The game has hints of players in the same area. Tap the globe at the bottom of the screen to see which region you're playing against. You can also choose to play with people from other regions. Besides, you click on the Options section to be able to adjust the Volume, Auto-Detect Quality, Quality, Frame Rate, and Camera features.

In short, this 3D io multiplayer kart driving game will give you the same feeling of relaxation and comfort as the Territorial io game. Let's get ready to play and wish you have a great time!