Splatoon 3

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Splatoon 3 is a multiplayer battle game. You have the task of trying to cover the playing field and other players with your ink color in this shooting game.

How to play

Be king in a fun way in Splatoon 3. This aim is quite similar to the Paper.io 2 game when you try to be the king who owns the largest land. Dye all the colors in this game to your representative colors with a fun gun. Instead of firing deadly bullets, this gun shoots colored ink that is the color that represents you.

You have the option of playing alone and facing all other players, or you can choose team mode to take down the opposing team with your teammates. Will you be the one to cover everything with your color or will you become the one covered in the opponent's color? Let's play and give results.

How to control

You first enter the game, you will choose your character among male or female one. After that, you control your character by WASD or the arrow keys. Click the left mouse button to shoot your ink at the enemies and finally, you slide the mouse to look around or direct in this shooting game.

The game features crab tanks that appear frequently in the play area. If you navigate your character into that area, your character will be transported to another crab tank. Use them to move flexibly.